Phase 3: Writing your master’s thesis

Studentin sitzt lächelt vor dem Computer

  1. Registration of the master’s thesis topic
    • Fill out the form “Registration of Master’s Thesis Topic and Supervisor” and give it to your supervisor to sign, submit it to the Student Services Center (see Faculty website/ Student Services Center)

  2. Attend the Master’s Thesis Seminar and work on the master thesis topic
    • Present your research plan and data analysis in the Master’s Thesis Seminar.

  3. Finalization of the master’s thesis
    • Submit an unbound initial version of your master’s thesis to your supervisor
    • Feedback on the master’s thesis by your supervisor (Time for review: ca. 4 weeks)
    • Submit the final version of your thesis to the SSC; before uploading, it must be clarified with the supervisor whether the thesis will be rated positively.